SIGNJET Graphics is one of the premier solution providers in the business advertising industry. Being the online marketing arm of JETGROUP EAST AFRICA, an association of publishing and digital printing companies, SIGNJET Graphics is a fully equipped solution provider for retail display solutions. With our nerve center at Mogadishu, we have branched out to HARGEISA, BORAMA, BURAO, BOSASO, BELEDWEYN, GALKAIO and JIGJIGA. Our partner and supplier network stretches across the horn of Africa offering clients hassle-free solutions at any part of the region.

Over 40 years in the business with dedicated in-house centers for design, publishing and printing, we offer products and services in more than 30 categories for the small businesses and big corporate marketing needs. Our primary categories include exhibition stands, Business cards, Billboards, Stickers, Vehicle wrapping, Brochures, Bannerstands, specialty outdoor signage, digital signage networks, mall kiosks and business gifts solutions. At SIGNJET we shape our services and solutions to fit your requirement and your ideas.

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Outdoor signage targets people ‘on the go’, when they are driving, on the bus, waiting at a terminal, shopping and so on Because advertisers realize that people spend far more time outdoors than watching TV or reading magazines. What’s more outdoor advertising can be used to supplement TV, radio or print ad campaigns. These ad spaces create larger than life images that the viewer cannot help but notice. But the truth is that signage is not considered by many business development experts as significant for marketing as they are simply ignorant about its value. They should because outdoor advertising is unique as it works in different levels to command attention, engage consumers, and get results.

Today an advertiser is spoilt for choice with different types of outdoor advertising options. Billboards, digital signage, bannerstands, business cards, flyers and brochures, stickers and so on.

Outdoor advertising is a 24/7 media and it reaches highly mobile customers quickly and effectively.
It has a lower cost per thousand and also a lower cost per rating point compared to other media. This means added exposure for the capital invested.
With outdoor it is possible to localize messages geographically or demographically. This will save money that is wasted on exposure to unwanted areas or persons.

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