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SIGNJET opens a new office in Beledweyn

Munaasabad lagu daah furayay xarun cusub oo magaalada Beledweyne ay ka hergalisay shirkada daabacaada guud ee SIGNJET ayaa manta lagu qabtay xarunta gobolka Hiiraan ee Beledweyne.

Munaasabada waxaa ka qeyb-gallay bahda waxbarashada, ganacsato, iyo shaqsiyaad ka socday ururada bulshada sida dhalinyarrada oo siweyn u soo dhaweeyay furitaanka xarunta ay ka hergalisay shirkadda Signjet magaalada Beledweyne.

SIGNJET has held an opening ceremony in Beledweyn to initiate its regional office in Hiran. Dignitaries included high profile guests from the education sector, business gurus, NGO individuals and other important figures who were invited to participate the opening cerenomy in Beledweyn.


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